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Full-featured electronic version of a school diary
Secure end-to-end, cloud-based, web-and-mobile solution that helps parents track their children's progress effortlessly. School OS platform allows to view grades, absence alerts, time-table, teacher's notes and more.
Bamboo Group
Art direction, Core logic, Branding
School OS already works in 4 countries with more than 13.000 students. For our users we've created web site and mobile application, so they can have access to platform from any device. Web site has also a mobile optimized version.
School OS has three types of UI: for parents, for teachers and for school administrators. Each version has a specific functionality. Each user is given a unique ID and password for the system so a parent can access his/her children profile only.
All school information is available: student's grades, attendance status, assignments, time-table, teachers' notes etc. The solution has a unique feature: it provides insights on children's performance and data-based suggestions on how to improve it.
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SchoolOS has latin, cyrillic and arabic versions. Each has different layouts, logos, markup and pictures to be easy to understand for users from different cultures and regions.
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