Wow! You have
a big screen!
You want to know more? Wow! I'm happy!
My name is Ignat. For the last 5 years I create user interfaces everyday. For mobile apps mostly. That's so cool!

As a designer at Bamboo Group, I have a great chance to work with world famous brands such as:
Jaguar Land Rover
Skoda auto
Telecom Austria Group
Sanofi aventis
Publicis Hepta Group
Mobile TeleSystems
Telia Sonera
Additional info:

I have BA in communication design (Lithuania) and BA in engraving and drawing (Greece).

I am IU/UX designer with 5+ years of working experience.

Last 2 I'm focused on connected car technologies

I am familiar with professional tools like Sketch, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects if needed.

Especially I like doing smth with my hands. For example illustrations, sketches, painting and origami. I can even make a real tapestry! Hand-made art helps to grow the creativity.

I know how to code HTML and CSS but I don’t like to do this. And I've coded this website for practice ;)

Please write to if you need more info.
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