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SKODA LittleDriver
Driving simulator for kids
Skoda LittleDriver is an interactive game that is designed to teach kids driving basics and main traffic rules. The app is simulating every component of a vehicle in real time.
SKODA auto
Bamboo Apps
Art direction, Animations, Illustrations
SKODA LittleDriver is designed as a fascinating game to teach kids driving basics and main traffic rules. An app can analyse the vehicle parameters and all the driver’s actions. All the vehicle data are displayed graphically on the screen of users’ tablet in real-time. So the user can monitor driving variables (e.g. speed, fuel level, or the throttle position) and repeat driver’s actions.
Kids are always keen on building cars they’ve been dreaming about. To challenge the kids brain in designing, SKODA LittleDriver provides huge customization capabilities for them. Each user can dress up a car in 7 colors, pick up 3 types of rims, 3 kinds of stickers.
SKODA LittleDriver app has gamifying educational section integrated. It contains Learning Mode with road and vehicle safety theory followed by engaging tests. By completing them, kids gain basic knowledge in traffic rules in the form of the game.All the challenges are grouped into 10 sections with 3 questions in each. SKODA LittleDriver tracks the progress of the user in learning and if the kid makes a mistake, the app takes it to a specific theory lesson for re-studying.
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