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Gender cards
Illustarted card game about gender equality
The most interesting way to learn is a game. That's why I've created this deck of cards to tell players about 'good' and 'bad' in man-woman relationships
personal project
game logic, illustrations
Gender cards is a game about gender equality. The deck consists of 36 hand drown cards and a box for them. Illustrations describing good and bad situations in relationships between genders. Good examples such a dad playing with kids, woman in politics, couple playing together on a piano. Bad exaples are quiet stereotypic: housewife, man with beer, lazy man, woman in a kitchen.
During the game time players will throw away low cards faster and will save high cards to the end of the game because that's the best way to win. And I hope they will understand somehow or maybe just feel that they are throwing away 'gender stereotypes' and saving 'family happiness'. Or maybe they will just smile looking on these hand-drown pictures :)
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